Tutorial videos

Get inspired by ‘Let’s Grow’ tutorial videos. From the basics to the more advanced features, we will guide you into the exciting world of 3D plant creation with these hands-on videos.

Starting a New Plant

Create your plant by selecting a flower seed and drawing the stem. Watch your plant take shape.

Creating stems

By drawing multiple stems, your plant can be molded into different shapes. Try to make long, round or twisted stems.

Create Leaves and Flowers

Select your leaves or flowers and gently brush them onto the plant. Press grow, and make your flowers blossom.

Style Leaves

Change the color, shape and volume of your leaf. Watch the changes immediately.

Style Flowers

Change the color, shape and volume of your flower. Watch the changes immediately.

Cut and Undo

You can trim your plant by selecting the scissor icon and gently rubbing off the excess. Be bold! You can always undo your actions.


In ‘Let’s Grow’ you can rotate your plant, tilt the camera and zoom in or out, giving you full control over every detail.

Natural Growth

Press the grow icon and watch how the plant naturally flourishes in front of you. Every plant has a unique grow pattern.